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The history of San Andres and Providence is marked by pirate tales and conquest, their first inhabitants (English puritans) arrived around the year 1627 and 1629, their mission was to look for new horizons, when they disembarked in San Andres they found a fertile territory with an excellent climate. The first group came from the Barbados Islands and right after that directly from England to install at the Old Providence Island, also a many people came from Gales and some from Holland. San Andres was colonized first, but the center of the activities were in the island of Providence because of the mountain topography there was a resource for fresh water and the defense.

In 1633 arrived the first slaves to the Archipelago, brought to exploit coloring wood, The Old Providence for its location was converted in an important center of slaves traffic, That is why the piracy and contraband activities were growing.

In this period the English contraband and pirates had a refuge in the mountains of Providence, assaulting permanently the Spanish ships that passed by this area of the Caribbean, that way they got the indignity of Spain and after many attacks to the island of Providence, they achieved the surrender of the colons and expulse almost it’s total population.

Some of the slaves stayed in San Andres because neither to Spain or England this island was important; converting it in a paradise with natural fountains of fresh and crystalline water, a secret of the habitants for many years.


In San Andres Island there is a prevalence of good weather, during the second half of the year it could be some sporadic storms, the velocity of the wind change during the year, being the strongest during June and July, in the months of September and October there is calm, with a water temperature between 27 and 30 centigrade grades, that converts it in an ideal place to practice Water sports.

Flora & Fauna
There has being identified 76 species of migratory birds, 18 residents. There are more than 273 species of reefs, fishes and corals, we find them in the mangroves, forest, keys and coastal areas.

San Andres is surrounded by a reef complex, formed with reefs and lagoons, including a variety of hard corals and sponges that make a lot of experts and enthusiastic's want to investigate and know more about this reserve.

The typical dishes are conformed by sea food. Their gastronomy confirms the most recognized plate for inhabitants and tourists is the Rondon, its ingredients are: fish, snail, donplin, pig tail, breadfruit (typical of the island) yucca and ñame, all prepared with a delicious coconut base.

Other plates are snail, lobster, crab and fried fish. This delicious variety of dishes are found in the different restaurants specialized in the island, all with spectacular decoration and the best environment making heir cooking the best of the Caribbean.

Language & Religion
The official language is Spanish, although the predominant culture is Anglo Caribbean, the language CREOLLE, an English and french mixture, is talked by the natives.

This region has a lot of religions, like Catholic, Baptist, Christians, evangelical, Muslim and others.

Tips to Help Your Trip Be a Better Experience
Entering and Leaving The Island
Colombian citizens require the national ID (Cédula) to enter the island.

Foreign tourists require a valid passport and a Colombian Visa. Some passports don't require a Colombian Visa, you will have to check with your travel agent or local Colombian consulate.

All non-residents whether Colombian citizens or Foreign tourists require the purchase of a tourist card, that you can get from the airline you are traveling with or at the airport in San Andres upon your arrival.

There is another fee you have to pay at the airport when you are leaving the Island to a foreign country.
(The rates varies depending on the final destination).

Bank Schedule
The schedule of the different banks is:

Monday to Thursday: from 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Friday: from 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and from 2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

There are ATM's in various places that are in service 24 hours.

Money Exchange
You can find this service in different banks, Money Exchange stores and your hotel front desk.

Hotels in San Andres
The structure of the hotels in the Island offers you a variety of places to stay, we find modern hotels that have all inclusive service, apartments and natives inns.

Most of the hotels are in the North End sector (comertial and hotel zone). For the nature lovers we find hotels with great views and sunsets, private beaches, also they offer to the host activities to enjoy with their families a vacation you will never forget in the Island.