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Scuba Diving

San Andres, Providence and Santa Catalina have one of the longest coral reefs of the world, with variety of fishes and colored corals.

Diving is one of the preferred sports, with natural contrast, we have the possibility to find different scenarios for the practice of this sport, like caves, walls, cliffs, and sunken ships for those who love adventure. All the places are very near, only a few minutes from the coast you will find a lot of bio-diversity, there is also a possibility to dive from the edge without going too far.

The lovers of this sport will find in the Island excellent diving centers, they can locate you at the hotel you are staying, some of them have the backup from PADI, NAUI, CMAS, SSI and others. Their staff include professionals divers with a lot of experience, that will guide you and teach you this sport that can be practiced by all your family (kids must have 8 years or over).

Temperature: The temperature of the water is 27 to 29 grades most of the year, that’s why you need to use a special suit.

Visibility: There is a great visibility most of the year.

Variety: We have lots of fragile and vulnerable corals like "Cuerno de Venado", "Cuervo de Arce", "Coral Columna", Brain coral, "Coral Látigo", star coral, fan coral, finger coral, "Coral Pluma", "Coral Fuego" and others and a lot of species from the caribbean like butterfly fish, Barracudas, Agujetas, stripes, parrots, snapper, grouper, dolphins, sharks and more.

To make sure that San Andres, Providence and Santa Catalina conserve all this magic and still be a place that all divers prefer, we make the following recommendations:
  • Don’t step on the coral.
  • Don’t rip the coral.
  • Don’t touch with your bare hands.
  • Don’t remove the sand, it suffocate the coral.
  • Don’t extract any live or dead species from the sea.
  • Don’t buy articles made with shells or coral.